Who can participate?

MyTrace is for everyone. When you register in the app you can indicate if you are a student or not. And if you are a student you can indicate if you are member of a student club or not.

Do I have to download the app to participate?

Yes, we need to register your trace so we can contact you if you are one of our winners and to set up the leaderboards.

How does the MyTrace app works?

When you start running at the Watersportbaan the MyTrace app will set your exact starting point and time. Along the trace we have set-up (invisible) check points you need to pass in order to leave a legit trace. When you finish a lap (by finishing at your starting point) the MyTrace app registers your lap time.

Where can I run?

You can only run at the Watersportbaan. You can choose to start running where you want and in which direction you want.

Can I walk?

Yes, you can. You probably will not top a leaderboard but you can win one of our day-to-day prizes so it’s worth the effort for sure.

Why do I need to answer a question after my run?

To decide who wins our day-to-day prizes. Only the participants who answer the question correctly can win. But don’t worry, the questions are not difficult at all.

Where can I see my race time?

In the MyTrace app you can tap on your starting number to access your results. On the website you can enter your starting number in the search bar.

concept by energy lab

built by next apps